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Bow Wow Wow

I have been a Bow Wow Wow fan ever since i first heard Annabella`s sweet voice and the awesome, powerful music of Matthew, Dave & Leigh doing C-30, C-60, C-90, Go!. I have been hooked on their music (and to be honest, in love with Annabella, ever since). I collect everything i can find on this great group who should have been huge superstars in America. They have their own sound and own style and i have never heard a Bow Wow Wow song i didn`t like. `I`m Not A Know-It-All` is my all-time favorite BWW song,as it`s one of the coolest and most hypnotic songs ever recorded. `Go Wild In The Country` is my 2nd fave song by them. I really wish they would have recorded and released more music over the years and hopefully they do release a new cd sometime in the near future. Also, a live dvd would be fantastic. I`m just happy Annabella and Leigh did bring the band back together and are making their fans happy all over again by touring and playing live some of the best music ever written and recorded. They sound as good as ever and Annabella sounds great and is as beautiful as ever. Rock On, Bow Wow Wow, Rock On !!!
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