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New member survey

I'm a new Bow Wow Wow fan, since the middle of last summer, so I've been devouring everything I can find about them. I found the link to this 'fan club' on the website. I noticed that Phil Gough posted a concert announcement, VH-1 Bands on the Run, as a comment to one of the earlier posts, and this community's originator posted info about a show in New York, so I figured I'd get on here in case I can make anything of any future last minute announcements. I've heard "I Want Candy" all my life without really thinking about it. It's a fun song, but it wasn't until VH-1 Classic was promoting their We Are the 80's series of CD's that I gave Bow Wow Wow any thought. I caught a segment devoted to Bow Wow Wow. The host, Lynn Huffman, said they influenced bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, appearing in the lyrics of "Suck My Kiss" (Swimming in the sound of Bow Wow Wow) and No Doubt, borrowing drummer Adrien Young for recent live performances. I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so I decided I'd keep listening. I'd never made the connection that those lyrics were talking about a band. They then played a video of a live performance of "W.O.R.K." from an MTV New Year's Eve show maybe 1982. It was so weird - I loved it. They're not just spelling 'work'. The W and the K are pronounced. The song was full of energy. The bass was funky like RHCP. Then my power went out for 5 hours. I couldn't record it on the DVR. When the power finally did come back, I went to iTunes to hear more. The more I heard, the more I loved, so I've been devouring since.

Name: Joe
Age: 29 in 2007
Location: Maine, USA
Favorite BWW song: No one favorite, but it was "W.O.R.K." that opened my ears.
Favorite member of BWW(past and present): No one favorite
Have you ever seen BWW live?: No
Favorite BWW record: Wild in the U.S.A. I love live records in general because I can pretend I'm there.
If BWW were to make a new album, would you buy it?: Definitely
Why do you like BWW?: The music is unlike anything else. Annabella barks, raps, chants, but she also sings quite beautifully. The bass parts are near virtuosic and not stock pop. None of the parts are stock pop for that matter. The songs are slightly naughty. Annabella has so much charisma.
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