oldfanandnew (oldfanandnew) wrote in bowwowwowfans,

Note To Adrian about San Diego, 94.9

I never considered ever buying a Bow Wow Wow album until I heard you on 94.9. I really like how you talked about the musicianship, and the effort it took to get the African style of drumming down for Bow Wow Wow's music. You being excited about the music made me excited about the music. I went home and ordered Bow Wow Wow's "Wild in the U.S.A." People gave it mixed reviews, but that is only because they were looking for live, and there are some remixes on there. I've listened to it about ten times now, with a different ear, thanks to you. I'm thinking about getting the "I Want Candy" import, because I think that is all live music. Anyone have any other suggestions as to some of their live stuff?
Anyway, thanks for coming to San Diego. Regret missing you at Brick By Brick. Next time for sure.
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