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Bow Wow Wow Fans

Go Wild in the Country

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This Community is for fans of the group Bow Wow Wow. Feel free to join and discuss anything pertaining to the band.

be smart, be safe, and most importantly- GO APE CRAZY!

current lineup-

Annabella Lwin- vocals
Adrian Young- Drums, percussion
Leigh Gorman- Bass
Phil Gough- Guitar

bow wow wow is on tour now. check out the official site for dates.

When you join the community please fill out this questionare and make a new post introducing yourself with it filled out, thanks!

Favorie BWW song:
Favorite member of BWW(past and present):
Have you ever seen BWW live?:
Favorite BWW record:
If BWW were to make a new album, would you buy it?:
Why do you like BWW?: